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Welcome - Let me introduce you to who we are. We were founded in the end of December 2011 on The Maelstrom (EU) server, and were formed as a guild for a group of mature wowfriends. We went from being a few friends with puggers in our raids to having a nice setup for raids. Our goal is to be able to get progress aswell as having fun.

Contact any officer online if you have any questions!

We are always in search of skilled gamers. So even if we’re not open for recruitment in your class make an apply, or contact us in game for a discussion about any questions you may have. The ones to contact are; Zenadra, Sly or Zig. On the left hand side you see which classes we prio atm, but we consider ALL good applicants!

Along the way we have been getting more experienced and solid as raiders, while trying to maintain our mostly casual, friendly and chilled atmosphere. We strive to make everyone's gaming a pleasant experience. While on our journey toward becoming a well established raiding guild, we have adopted many stray adventurers and welcomed them into the guild as social members, casual people wishing to experience the game without the sole focus of raiding! PvPers are also accomodated within our ranks, as many of our members enjoy our guild pvp sessions!

The Outcast is about having fun together, share some laughters, and maybe a mug of beer or a glass of wine and cookies! If you have what it takes make an app, but to become a raider it takes more then wine and cookies!

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