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re: General Rules


The reputation of The Outcast!
Our Reputation is something we take very serious. We want to be known server-wide as a guild you can trust. Therefore, we take every complaint about any guild member's behavior outside the guild-only events very seriously. Remember that as a wearer of the tag, you represent us, what we stand for. What You stand for.

Acceptens as a recruit
When and if you get accepted to The Outcast you will become a trial. The usual trial period is 14 days. Sometimes we prolong it so both you and officers are sure that it works out as it should.
One of our goals are to provide raids for our members. When we raid, we take it seriously, but not dead seriously. There are a certainty of thing we require for everyone who wants to raid with us.

Signing and Drafting
Our raids are always posted in the in game calender, but in general we raid Wednesday and Thursday 19:45 - 23:00 game time (CET). To join a raid you need to sign up for it in the ingame calender (you will get an invite when you are accepted as trial). The officers will draft people to create a synergic group. If you have any concern about drafting, you should contact the officers.
During the raid
If you signed up for a raid, we expect you to be there on time, even if you weren't originally drafted (in case we might need you anyway). We also expect you to:

• Have basic knowledge about the raid encounters. This means having checked out videos on tactics from e.g.
• Bring best flasks, pots, runes and food
• Always have all your main spec and off spec (where applicable) gear enchanted and gemmed appropriately
• Always listen to the raid leader. If you have suggestions, you may explain them when the raid leader is finished talking
• Never complain, or accuse any fellow raider of anything. That's the officers and raidleaders' job
• Never go AFK or in some other way inactive during the raid unless it's an exclaimed break (ususally around 21.30).
• If you cannot be present the entire raid period, you need to let the raid organizers know this before they do the drafting
• No matter how angry you get while raiding, let it stay on your side of the computer. Raging at the raid won't do anything good

We want you to install RcLootCouncil to make the loot faster and easier for masterloter. In addition to this, we strongly encourage using a boss mod (e.g. Deadly Boss Mods).

Loot is distributed through lootcouncil, decissions made by masterloter and officers.

We dont pug ongoing content. If you cant join any of the ongoing raids, talk to an officer and explain why before you pug it.
The Guild Bank
The Guild Bank contains all sorts of stuff. As a member of The Outcaat, you are within certain limits entitled to those goodies. More about this in Information Center if and when you are accepted.
In-Guild Trading
As a member of The Outcast, you are expected to offer any of your tradeskills free of charge to any other guild member. This does however not include offering your own materials, nor offering to purchase a certain recipie.
Any item trade within the guild shall be traded in good faith.
Guild Chat
Definition: In this context, the guild chat refers to the in-game guild channel, any custom created guild-only channels, as well as the entire forum.
The guild chat is the most powerful communication tool we as a community have. Therefore we expect all of our members to behave when using it. Any type of complaints or remarks regarding the guild, should be send to the appropriate officer using a private chat (e.g. whisper or forum mail).

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